My Word Journal - Rosie Banyan by Rochelle

My Word Journal

'I dream the language of a complete heart be felt worldwide.'

I Give You My Word Journal is a collection of some quotes taken from a journey to Self Discovery as well as life itself.  

The Jewel – Self

I am woken by the word self. I can hear the wind outside as it howls through the trees, it’s strong. Self is many things, self is anything. Self is nothing and everything at once. Like the wind that twists and turns, so does the self as it travels through life. It can be up, it can be down, it can be spinning and it can be still, a speck and a particle. Allowance takes me on a constant discovery of what self is. In the very essence of self I find that I am connected to all. The breath, the wind, the mind, the thought, the smile, the look, the listening, the word, the feel, the touch. I am - the self, the mystery, the discovery, all and nothing I am. I connect to wisdom, the beauty and the power of me. I am, I accept, I acknowledge, I allow, I am. The growth, the strength, the possibility of self. The discovery of what was, what is and what could be. A feather, a flame, a drop of water and a dream. I am.   - Love Rochelle x

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