Ancient Egyptian Aswan Oil - Mint (Only 20 bottles available) - Rosie Banyan by Rochelle

Ancient Egyptian Aswan Oil - Mint (Only 20 bottles available)

Oil of Cleansing
Mint is used for cold, flue, bronchitis, nose blocking, and throat infections. This Oil can be used internally to assist cleansing of the mouth used as a gargle and then spit out. Can also be inhaled through the nose in hot water.

At the start of 2018 I travelled into the rich history of Ancient Egypt.

Using the same techniques of creating sacred essential oils, the factory still today first place the oils into a large alabaster (stone) pots and place into the ground for 12 months before selling to the many famous perfumeries and healers worldwide.

I felt extremely fortunate to have access to these oils and needless to say filled my suitcase with as much as I could. In my want of sharing I have bottled my first four pure Ancient Egyptian Aswan Oils so that you can experience their magic.

<<There are only 20 bottles of each oil available>>


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