Getting back a complete YOU!!! - Rosie Banyan

Getting back a complete YOU!!!

with the 'Banyan Method' Training 

NEW Self -- NEW Strength -- NEW Start


-- Had broken parts -- and was barely surviving. 
-- It's Not About -- "Changing"  --
It's About a -- DEFINITE & LASTING RESET -- In Your Life… 

TRUTH: Simplicity Exists beneath the Chaos -- and I will share with you the path to it. 
Besides walking you through… 
“The Delicate Transformation & Rediscovery Process” 
I also share...  -- "The Rebellious Trigger" and -- How to Stop 'Reacting' 
-- How to -- Rejuvenate Into --  "The Space Of Nothing" (I LOVE THIS) 
-- How to -- Prevent the "Guilt & Resent Cycle" 


Getting back a Complete YOU using the Banyan Method Training provides you with
the tools to completely bring you back into a space of a Complete Self.
You will be given REAL STEPS & METHODS that you can use for the rest of your life.
The BANYAN METHOD is creating ground breaking results

We are born Complete then Life moulds and changes who YOU become

On my own journey back to self I was able to Reverse, Disconnect, Exchange and Reach out to a Brand New Desired way of being........

I was able to Unlearn My Life to then find My Space of Nothing.

Back in late 2013 my life tipped upside down. This was not the first pivotal shake up in my life due to a childhood of horrific sexual abuse.

It was however my 'gift' to finally get back me. 

“Be who You should have been if no one ever broke You” – This became my mantra.


"During my darkest days of my depression there was many times that I tried to end my own life and end up in hospital. Coming into the Workshop I had no Expectations. I just KNEW THAT I Would Find Something. What I discovered was ME, my True Self and an overwhelming sense of Peace & Joy like I have never felt before…. 
As of Today I live my life with love, happiness, confidence, joy. I speak freely with love, kindness and confidence – this use to be unusual, today it is My Norm. I also realized I am Loved, Special and Gifted myself -- what a shift in thinking. I now have the tools to move my thinking from my head to my heart… I love each and every day that I am alive.”


 “Nothing is going to make what I experienced as a child worthwhile,

but what I do know is the ability to not let it define me as a person

and it doesn't have to define you!!!” – Rosie Banyan

With an Open Heart I Share the 'Banyan Method' training so that you can Dive in to get YOU with full IMMERSION.

By stepping out of my own life I took charge over External Events to go within to Permanently Change the effects of My Horrid Childhood.

Yes, I went to Extraordinary Lengths to get 'Me' Back. This was not easy... However it was the most profound experience -- revealing My False-Self -- My Shadow-Self and the Power of My Nothing Space (I cannot wait to share this!!)

Ground breaking methods are included in the Banyan Method Workshop -

Getting Back a Complete YOU!!!



Director & Founder of FIFO Families Pty Ltd

“Rosie is a breath of fresh air. Honest and open and willing to share her journey in the Hope of Helping others with theirsRosie has a BIG Vision and I know she will achieve it. Anyone who has the Opportunity to Listen to Rosie must do so. It is a “not to be missed” opportunity and something that has the utmost potential to change your life and lead you in the direction you seek……”


Are You Ready to Discover a Complete 'YOU' with the 'Banyan Method' Training? 



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