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Recently something occurred that caught me by surprise and caused me to rethink my whole being. I saw a tiny light. I saw me and my connection to something much bigger. It became perfectly clear what I needed to do and how I was going to do that.

In 2011 Business Chicks partnered with not-for-profit group The Hunger Project Australia, who are working to end hunger in our generation. The Hunger Project don’t see a billion mouths to feed; they see a billion human beings who are enterprising and resilient. They don’t see the people who live in hunger as the problem – they know they’re the solution. 

The Business Chicks Immersion and Leadership Program together with The Hunger Project work by mentoring and supporting women in communities across the globe to unlock their capacity, creativity and leadership so they can end their own hunger.




In February 2018 I will be joining the Business Chicks Immersion and Leadership Program  – women helping women in the most beautiful, transformative way. I will be travelling to Senegal, Africa with the other participants and partaking in a once in a lifetime experience.

But we can't do it without the support of others, here are some of the awesome ways you can get involved.


Thank you everyone who helped me fund 'Solutions' -- My 20 kilos lighter promise!!!
A total of $3,000 has been raised during this Pozible campain 100% going directly to The Hunger Project and the women in Senegal, Africa


Proceeds of the money from all products sold through my online shop as well as all royalties will go directly to the Immersion and Leadership Program and to The Hunger Project.

So far $3,240 has been raised through product sales

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Join me and a host of other amazing women at our upcoming 'solutions' event. The evening promises to be a fun filled night for women of all ages, bring your girlfriends, your mums, your daughters and learn personal make-up and self-love tips and tools on how to restore balance in your life. Proceeds from the event will go directly to the Immersion and Leadership Program and to The Hunger Project

This event was a huge success with $2,600 raised






Please note -- I am personally covering the cost of my airfare to Senegal, my accommodation and other miscellaneous costs. 

All donations go directly to The Hunger Project account and the program itself and are tax deductable.



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Some snippets from past, personal efforts for 'Solutions'

  During my family trip to Cambodia in 2013 my family and I took packs of pencils, paper and money into the temporary villages on stilts - villages soon to be pulled down for development.
We also gifted to the floating village full of displaced people and a school.



In 2014 I travelled to an urban village in Vanuatu to live along side my Vanuatu 'sister'.  While there we purchased a taxi for a local in need and supplies for the  
kindergarten. In turn I discovered so much about a simple life. It was something about buttons...... (I need to tell you more about this!!)


If you have any questions or would like to talk with me more about The Hunger Project and funding 'Solutions', please do not hesitate to email me at