I have some news to share!!! - Rosie Banyan by Rochelle

I have some news to share!!!

This year started really tough for me. I sat in the same courtroom as one of my predators. Old doors opened full of pain. I was proud that I had the courage to face this person, however it left me gutted and full of a deep sadness that I wasn't expecting or prepared for.
I fell head first into the space of a victim. I had an expectation that the people in my life would understand my pain, some didn't and this just caused more hurt and disappointment. I stayed in this space for several months. It was dark and it was lonely. This is the reason you have not heard from me of late.
Recently something occurred that caught me by surprise and caused me to rethink my whole being. I saw a tiny light. I saw me and my connection to something much bigger. It became perfectly clear what I needed to do and how I was going to do that.
When I picked up my pen back in 2013 and allowed words to flow on into my books, it was never about personal gain. It was always about sharing something with others. I will go more into this in a couple of weeks as I reveal some new projects I am working on.
Today and moving forward, I am standing in my truth, as Rochelle. I will no longer be writing in my pen name Rosie Banyan, a name that sheltered me and kept me safe since I began telling my story. So I wanted to say 'hi' and introduce the new direction I am taking.
The message of the Rosie Banyan tree will continue through me to touch and seed something in hearts all over the world. Her beautiful alchemy oil still gifts a space of balance.
Watch this space as I leap into my new chapter......
Love Rochelle x

Rosie Banyan
Rosie Banyan


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