The Re-birth - Rosie Banyan by Rochelle

The Re-birth

“I sleep again and wake in a relaxed semiconscious state I imagine a dimly lit room with three chairs, two on one side facing the other on its own.

I am sitting in one of the two and beside sits a younger me.

She is adorable and looks at me with excitement and happiness.

She swings her legs and smiles in anticipation of what could happen next.

Opposite us sits my higher self.

She is also happy, content and smiling.

We all talk to one another.

My higher self reveals that my pain and misery lie mostly in my past and that I have an exciting life awaiting me now that I’m back on my true path.

We all join hands to form a triangle.

The bell that sits above my higher self starts to ring.

It’s like the bell that I saw at the temple atop the mountain the other day.

It rings when you send out a prayer.

The younger me steps into my body and grows up to be who I am today.

The higher self does the same.

I stand there content, and then look down to notice that I am pregnant.

I start to feel contraction pains through my lower back and the ripple of pain flows through my body intensifying until I start to push.

I feel the birth of a tiny baby.

It’s a little girl.

It’s me.

I hold myself gently – so soft, so delicate and so new.

She is beautiful. A whole new life waits for her.

I look down as I cradle her in my arms, assuring her that she is loved, safe and perfect.

I realise that this is what I have heard of before, a rebirth – an opportunity to start over and clean your slate of its old residue.

I feel renewed once more with the possibilities of living a complete life.

Not living a programmed life, the life that had me shut off to the magic that sat within.

As all aspects of me unite I feel a strength and solitude encompass me. I am.” – My Nothing by Rosie Banyan

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Rosie Banyan
Rosie Banyan


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