Walk with Lions - Rosie Banyan by Rochelle

Walk with Lions

I become a little nervous with this caution.

Once I am inside the natural habitat enclosure I begin to become very excited though, particularly when I find out that the lions we will be walking with are white-furred and are both girls.

They are such playful and beautiful animals.

They walk almost clumsily with their massive paws.

They are gentle with us, but it is obvious how powerful they can be, so we all take great caution while walking with them and watching them play.

My favourite of the two is Zar-Zar.

She’s stark white with huge eyes, and when I look at them I can sense the kindness within her.

An amazing experience, one of the best I’ve had while here.

When I last experienced interaction with big cats, it was with tigers in Thailand.

They seemed so drugged up that they could hardly walk, which really upset me.

It is incredible to be with these two white lions knowing that they had not been sedated at all, they are alert and jumping around like they would have been doing in their natural environment.

With Love

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Rosie Banyan
Rosie Banyan


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