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Embracing pains ugly truth.....

February 15, 2017

At the base of a big black hole I struggle to breathe, feeling claustrophobic I am surrounded by old stale air that chokes me.
I have re-opened a door back to a time in my life full of fear.
For months now I have had nightmares when I should have rested peacefully.....
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‘Releasing’ my own Reflection in Others

December 13, 2016

More than ever I am noticing the way that I feel in a moment around another person. This is not as a form of judgement, but more of a reflective moment where I wonder if I have ever acted like that or made someone feel the way I feel in their presence.

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Sadness Became My Springboard Back To JOY!!!

October 21, 2016

The cold months of Winter had me hibernate like a bear away from everything external. With courage I sat in my fear of old pain to allow another release. 
Here is an exert that I wrote during this dark and light time.....
'As I type up my statement I record all the flash backs of being held from someone standing behind me.....
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My Shut-down, My Inner Child & Self-Love of My Body

June 16, 2016

Throughout life I was taught, spoken to and moulded by my parents, peers, community and life experiences.
Reaching my own breaking point a few years ago I no longer knew who I was any more. I went to great lengths then to unlearn, review and decide all that I dreamed of in my life and how I could make that a possibility.
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